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Enterprise Ventures has been one of the two most prolific investors in UK private equity transactions over the past two years. The figures are based on the number of deals completed.

The figures from Experian show that Enterprise Ventures was second only to Lloyds TSB Development Capital in UK private equity transactions between January 2011 and February 2013.

Experian’s data also shows that Enterprise Ventures was the top private equity investor in the UK in February 2013, with three deals announced during the month.

Data from Unquote for the same month shows that Enterprise Ventures was actually the second most active private equity investor in Europe.

Jonathan Diggines, Chief Executive of Enterprise Ventures, said: “Actually, the Experian statistics do not include the sub £0.5m venture capital deals done by Enterprise Ventures, which actually outnumber our bigger deals. In 2011 and 2012 we invested £43.5m in 344 transactions across the UK regions – effectively one deal every two days.

“On behalf of our institutional and public sector client funders, we are playing an important role in keeping funding lines open at a time when small firms are being starved of investment. There is a lot of talk about how to provide small firms with access to capital. With increased support we can invest even more in SMEs. ”