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Enterprise Ventures is stepping up its operation in Merseyside with the opening of a new Liverpool office.

The company has moved into a 2,150 sq ft suite at the Princes Dock development at Liverpool Waters.

Enterprise Ventures manages a range of public and private funds to help businesses start up and grow, including The North West Fund for Venture Capital and The North West Fund for Mezzanine

The Liverpool office will house managers from both funds as well as providing a base for its technology and growth investment teams.

Jonathan Diggines, Chief Executive of Enterprise Ventures said: “Enterprise Ventures has been successfully operating in Merseyside for many years but with the launch of our new office, we are looking forward to stepping up our involvement with local businesses and the adviser community. We are seeking opportunities to fund new businesses, in particular ‘management break-outs’ – experienced managers who are setting up their own operation – and also established high-growth businesses which need more funding than their bank can provide.”

Enterprise Ventures’ existing investments in Merseyside include Biofortuna, Chargepoint, Blue Prism, Transglobal and JobsTheWord.

Jonathan Diggines added: “Enterprise Ventures is now one of the most active finance providers of its type in the UK and one of the few which focuses on the needs of SMEs. As bank funding has all but dried up for small businesses, we have been working hard to try to bridge the gap.

“In the last few years we have invested over £10 million across 25 companies in Merseyside. We are keen to provide more local businesses with the funding they need to generate growth, prosperity and jobs.”

The North West Fund for Venture Capital and The North West Fund for Mezzanine are financed jointly by the European Regional Development Fund and the European Investment Bank.