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‘What can PR do for my business?’ That is a common question from smaller businesses – so here are seven reasons to incorporate it as part of your marketing mix:

1. Reach the audience in the most cost-effective way

As PR focuses on gaining free editorial coverage, it is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. Stories in the media also carry more weight with the audience than paid-for advertisements or anything you may write yourself on social media.

2. Build and maintain visibility

Regular media coverage allows you to build a strong presence before your target audience, keeping your company’s name in the forefront of their mind and ensuring it becomes a familiar and trusted brand.

3. Explain why they need your product

While search engine optimization (SEO) can be highly effective for some companies, people are not always aware of what is available. For tech firms bringing innovations to market or those offering more complex products and services, the challenge is to build awareness and educate the audience about the benefits. PR is a great way to do this – and can be used in conjunction with SEO for an even bigger impact.

4. Fast track your entry into new global markets

For companies engaged in an export drive, international PR can provide valuable support for sales staff on the ground by gaining exposure within the local trade press.

5. Drive web traffic

Companies find that web traffic spikes after media coverage as people who have read the story in the press look online for further information. In some cases, digital media will include a direct link to your site. Uploading press releases to your website also provide a regular supply of content, helping to boost its visibility in the search rankings.

6. Engage with the audience

Stories and other material produced as part of the PR campaign also provide content for your LinkedIn page and Twitter account – for example, by posting links to the story on your website or to the media coverage. They can also be adapted for use in other ways, such as on Slideshare or re-used in your email newsletter.

7. Boost your company value

Regular media coverage not only raises the profile of your brand – as the company’s name becomes better known, it also boosts the value of the business. Many businesses we have worked with have been acquired, with the original owners have told us that their media profile has played a key part in attracting the right buyer.

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