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Turquoise PR advised on 60 deals in 2018 – our largest number in any year to date.

They ranged from management buy-outs, acquisitions and sales to investments by angels, private equity funds and other funding providers. We acted on behalf of investors, advisers and tech companies in the North of England and London.

The figure relates only to those deals where we actively led the PR, not those where other parties made the announcement and where we played a secondary role in the process.

Providing PR services for corporate deals requires different skills than general business to business PR, says Pauline Rawsterne of Turquoise PR.

“It is important to understand the structure of the deal and how best to position it to suit the strategic goals of the client and investor or other parties.

“Given that PRs are often exposed to highly sensitive information, confidentiality is crucial as is data security these days. PRs must also have attention to detail as even small inaccuracies can compromise a company’s position.

“Given that deals often involve a dozen or more parties – including multiple funders, advisors and shareholders – it is important to get everyone ‘on side’ and have a strict approvals procedure to ensure the announcement has been signed off by everyone concerned and their amends have been incorporated into the final version.

“We have many years of experience in publicising corporate deals, as our results show.”